NEW UNIFORM POLICY:  Troop 169 has a new uniform policy.  Full uniforms are required for all meetings and events.  This means uniform pants, belt, shirt (tucked in and with patches!), and neckerchief (properly tied and with a slide).  Scouts will earn ScoutBucks to be used at the year end Court of Honor.  How many and for what?  Wear your complete uniform and find out.
September 8: Payment due for Raft-O-Ree. Please contact Mr. Fedina or Mrs. Kendall to make payment arrangements. Scouts who are signed up but not paid by this date will be registered using their Scout account funds.
Cyber Chip: All Scouts must earn cyber chip as a first class scout in order to rank up to star scout. Meaning if you earned it before first class scout you must re-earn it. One of the requirements is that you must teach cyber safety to the troop. we are doing cyber chip first meeting of the year. If you want to participate please contact me (Ryan).
Thursday, September 13:  Cyber Chip meeting; Raft-O-Ree preparation.  Turn in all completed blue cards from Summer Camp.