Thursday, February 17: This week’s meeting will be a continuation of drywall repair – so once again, Class B’s.
GHVC 2022 Merit Badge College: Registration for the Merit Badge College is open.  Check out the Merit Badge Catalog and Schedule for merit badge offerings, pre-requisites, schedules, and logistics information.
Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Program: PEEC is offering the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge during their Badge Festival on March 26.  (Not a troop event; provided for informational purposes only.)
Summer Camp! Troop 169 will be returning to Camp Mattatuck again this summer.  Check out the 2022 Merit Badge Schedule and start planning for a great week of resident camp.  Check your inbox for an email from our Trusty Treasurer Mrs. Kendall for payment and registration information.
Buddy System: As many of our Scouts are approaching Eagle Rank, some may have long-term merit badges to earn (personal fitness, personal management, family life, just to name a few).  Sometimes having a buddy can help with accountability and motivation.  If you are looking for a buddy to work on a merit badge with, just ask.  You can approach a Scout you think you work well with, you can ask your SM or ASM for suggestions, or you can ask during opening or closing announcements.  You can work with your buddy virtually or set aside a few minutes before each meeting to check in with each other.