Image result for wooden coastersMeeting: Woodworking: this meeting we will be continuing form last week as we will be finishing our coasters.Feel free to leave your class A at home as we will be sanding creating a lot of saw dust. due to the amount of saw dust we will be making you must have your goggles to protect your eyes.
Last week: The Scouts that attended the camping trip all seemed to have a good time. Bryce made some amazing meals.
Want to know what merit badges some considered to be hard or physically demanding. Here is one scouts top 10.

10. Traffic Safety

9. Small-Boat Sailing

8. Swimming*

7. Backpacking

6. Water Sports

5. Cycling*

4. Skating

3. Bugling

2. Whitewater

1. Scuba Diving

As Mr. Fedina said at a previous meeting, If you got through a board of review and rank up,at the next meeting you can use the VR headset for the meeting. So start ranking up.