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First Meeting of 2021-2022 and Beyond!

Upcoming Events:
Thursday, September 16 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s in Middletown: First Troop Meeting of the 2021-2022 Scout year.  Class A uniforms required; bring your handbook, paper, and pen or pencil.
Sunday, September 19, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.: Scout Skills Training at Winding Hill Park Scout Area (same location as prior campouts).
Sunday, September 26: Youth Pheasant Hunt.  Contact Mr. Ruiz to register (must have taken hunter safety course).  Contact SM Jim Fedina if you need Mr. Ruiz’ contact information.
October 22-24: Extreme Sports Weekend at Camp Turrell featuring zip-lining, canoeing, kayaking, archery, riflery, shot gun shooting, rappelling, mountain biking, fishing, hatchet throwing, and more. Meals included are the famous Friday Night Cracker Barrel, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Saturday night Ice Cream Social, and Sunday Breakfast. The price is $60 per person.  RSVPs required by Thursday, September 16th (first meeting).
Thank you! to everyone that helped with parking at the Otisville Carnival!  There were many jobs to do (set up, cooking, accounting, directing traffic, etc.) and we appreciate everyone who contributed.  You may contact Treasurer Mrs. Kendall for your Scout account balance.

Gearing Up For A New Scout Year

First Meeting: Don’t forget the first meeting of the 2021-2022 Scout Year is on Thursday, September 16 at 7:00 pm back at St. Paul’s.  Check your email for more specific information.
Help Wanted: The Troop still needs Scout youth leaders (including a webmaster) so please contact SPL Chris K.  Without youth leaders, the Troop will not function.  If you have ideas for meeting topics, outings, activities, etc., want input into the Troop, and want to continue advancing in rank, considering taking on a youth leader position.
Parking: Please check your email for the Otisville Carnival Parking sign up (September 10th, 11th, and 12th).  This is an extremely important fundraiser for the Troop so please sign up to help.  There are still many open volunteer slots.
Fun Fact: Did you know that when the Space Exploration Merit Badge was introduced in 1965, Astronaut Ed White took along an actual Space Ex MB with him during the first ever spacewalk by an American.   If you ever go to Philmont stop by the National Scouting Museum where the patch lives.  Want to read more about the Space Ex MB?  Bryan on Scouting’s post has more interesting facts.
Council Activities:  Want to see what our new, combined Greater Hudson Valley Council has planned:  Check out Program Days on the council website.
Knots: And don’t forget to brush up on your knots!  Need help? Check out Animated Knots for some easy to follow refresher videos.
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Meetings: Weekly Troop Meetings will resume on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Paul’s Church in Middletown.  Scouts will meet in the Chapel Room and parents can wait in the Fellowship Room (main room) if they wish.
Parking: Don’t forget about the Otisville Carnival September 10, 11, and 12th.  Please contact Marty Howe to sign up for Parking Duty.
Youth Leadership: If you are interested in serving in a Youth Leadership Position for the 2021-2022 Scout Year contact current SPL Chris K. and Scoutmaster Jim Fedina.
Guide to Advancement: Merit Badges and Blue Cards have always gone hand-in-hand.  But BSA is making some changes to keep up with technology.  For a brief overview of this and other changes made to the BSA Guide to Advancement, check out Bryan on Scouting’s blog entry.  For those working towards their Eagle Rank, the Guide to Advancement has everything you need to know about the rank, the project, and the application.

2021-2022: A New Scouting Year

As we say goodbye to summer and gear up for the new school year, it’s time to gear up for the new Scout year as well.  Only time will tell what that looks like as mandates and regulations are rapidly changing, often with little lead time.  Meeting days, dates, location, and time will be sent via email and updated on the website and app when determined.  Please keep an eye out for this information.
Positions of Responsibility: As you advance through the Scout ranks, positions of responsibility are required.   Interested in serving the Troop as a youth leader?  Check out the positions available HERE and HERE and then reach out to SPL Chris K. with your interests.  Don’t forget the Troop needs a new webmaster!
Activities and Meeting Topics:  If you have ideas for activities or meeting topics – reach out to SPL Chris K.  Check out the Troop calendar on this website for some ideas and look around for other ideas.  The Troop is not limited to activities hosted by GHV Council – NYC and NNJ council often host nearby events.  Some organizations (i.e. PEEC) also host Boy Scout activities.  And as for meeting ideas check out TROOP RESOURCES (especially the section on SCOUT SKILLS).   Meeting ideas and plans can also be found in BSA’s Program Features for Troops.  Info about Program Features can be found HERE and HERE.  And the material itself can be found at the following links: VOL. 1VOL. 2, and VOL. 3.  A hard copy of Program Features is also maintained in the Troop Library.
Advancement: Make sure your Scout handbook is up to date (find a First Class or higher rank Scout to sign off any requirements you completed over the summer)  and that you have turned in any blue cards you have to Ms. Quinn.  If you are ready for a ScoutMaster Conference or Board of Review – let Mr. Fedina know.
Enjoy what’s left of the summer and see you in September!
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Summer Camp, Merit Badges, and the Olympics

TOKYO OLYMPICS: Lots of Scouts competing at the Tokyo Olympics!  Read all about them HERE.  And of course Bryan on Scouting has a Top Five list of merit badges for Olympic fans and hopeful.
RESIDENT CAMP: As the Troop’s week at Camp Mattatuck draws to a close here’s a huge THANK YOU to Scoutmaster Jim F., ASM Chris K., and adult volunteers Walter H. and Dave G.  Not only did they transport our Scouts to camp and then supervise them while there, they have the unenviable task of transporting our aromatic Scouts home.  Gentlemen – thank you for your time and dedication.  Having missed resident camp last year due to COVID-19, your efforts in making sure camp happened this year are greatly appreciated.
WEBMASTER: Remember, the Troop is still looking for a Scout to become its new Webmaster.  Webmaster is one of the “positions of responsibility” required for rank advancement.  Contact SPL Chris K. if interested.
A SCOUT IS THRIFTY: NOT A TROOP ACTIVITY – for informational purposes only: Scouts fifteen and older who are strong swimmers and looking for employment may qualify for free lifeguard training at the Middletown YMCA.  Click on the picture below for more information. 
Announcement Camping Summer Camp

Camp Gear Drop Off, BBQ, & Swim: Saturday, July 24 @ 2:00 p.m. at Mr. Kendall’s house.  Check your email for the address.  Please RSVP so Mr. Kendall knows how much food to have.  Please bring your camp gear to pack into the trailer.  Please pack into a tote or trunk – something stackable for the trailer.
Camp Mattatuck Departure: Sunday, July 25 — Check your email for information regarding departure time and location.
Webmaster:  Any Scout interested in becoming the Troop Webmaster please contact SPL Chris Kendall, Jr.
Troop Calendar: Don’t forget that our website has a Google Calendar that you can add to the calendar app on your phone.
Troop App: Troop 169 has its own App – complete with optional push notifications and reminders about upcoming events.
Announcement Summer Camp


Summer Camp: Summer 2021 is here and with it comes changes for Troop 169.  This year the Troop will be going to Camp Mattatuck for summer resident camp.  Lots of merit badges and open programming await our Scouts.  Troop 169 will be there July 25 -31.  Scouts attending camp please check your emails for information about dropping off your gear at Mr. Kendall’s house prior to departure and carpooling information.  Parents’ Guide can be found HERE.

Parking: While the August Otisville Country Fair has been cancelled, the Otisville Lions Club will be putting on a Family Carnival on September 10, 11, and 12 and the Troop will be doing the parking.  Please save the date – parking is typically our biggest fundraiser of the year.

Webmaster: Your webmaster, Ryan, is currently at Camp Read as a staff member and will be there until August 21.   This means no website posts from Ryan this summer.  If you are interested in taking over as webmaster (counts as a position of responsibility for rank advancement) please contact SPL Chris.

Announcement Camping Weekly Meeting Update

This Week

3/15/21: First aid meeting: This week we will be doing some fun first aid practice, as the weather is getting warmer you might be camping or hiking, you might need to know how to do first aid if needed.
Last week: Last week we had out lockdown christmas gift grab game, without the lock-in, or christmas. we were joined by cub scouts visiting who were all very nice to hang out with.
As it is getting warmer the ground is still wet as well as rain being more likely, for those reasons you need to properly know how to keep your tent dry. As somebody who has had a wet tent in the cold it is awful, so a dry tent is important. MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE.
For those of you scouts coming close to eagle rank and are looking for inspiration you can read about what this Eagle did for the local fire dept.


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Hello Scouts, I hope you are all having  a nice break and enjoying either the outside snow or the climate controlled rooms.
Last meeting we established Patrols, The Lobster Hammers, and the Space Potatoes.   Congratulations to Evan who ranked up to Second Class and Bryce who ranked up to Star Scout at our last meeting.  All Scouts should bring their handbook to every meeting and if rank advancements have been completed find a First Class or higher Scout to sign off on your rank advancements.
Space: The Final Frontier: NASA will be landing Perseverance on Mars. The live stream can be found using this link
As Well as an entertaining video explaining the work this rover will be doing.
Speaking of space, the US Naval Academy is offering the Space Exploration Merit Badge at its STEM Scout Jamboree on March 6.  You can see the rest of the offerings here:  MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE     This program is put on the the USNA’s National Eagle Scout Association and is a cool opportunity with limited spots.   We are tentatively planning to meet at the Mount Hope Senior Center and have a pizza lunch (not confirmed) while we do separate and group activities (adult volunteers are needed to supervise).  Please contact Lisa Walsh to be registered – registration is by Troop (no individual registrations) and the cost is $6.50.
Our next Troop Meeting is on Tuesday, 2/23 – check your emails for details. Details about the Klondike Derby will also be sent to your emails.
Announcement Knot Challenge Merit Badges

This week

Hello Scouts. With the Holiday season here it is time to start thinking about what you want to get for your family members. Can’t get out to buy them something, and want it to have more sentiment and a mug that says “Mom” or “Dad”? Then Check out the skills taught in these Merit Badges.  With these skills you can paint them a nice picture, of or make then a mug that has more meaning than one from Walmart.
Weekly Knot Challenge: For this weeks Knot challenge I will be building off of last week:  Demonstrate the practical use of square knot, two half hitches, and taut line. These are all very useful knots so try sending me a video of you using these knots.  Remember – prizes!
Announcement Knot Challenge Virtual Meeting

This Week

MERGER: The Hudson Valley Council, and the Westchester Putnam Council have announced a merge into the Greater Hudson Valley Council. MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE
SCOUT SKILLS CHALLENGE:  Due to the lack of meetings I have a challenge for you: KNOTS! I will be challenging you to knots that you should know. This week’s knots will be the Two Half hitches and the Taut-line hitch.     CLicking on those links will bring you to the Animated Knots website for a refresher on how to tie the knows.  These knots are from Scout rank, so you all should know them. E-mail me a video of you doing them and you may win fun prizes and be featured on our website. There will be weekly Knot and lashing challenges so practice those knots. There will be weekly winners and an overall winner. If you do not send in knot tying videos you will be placed on the knotty list.
LOCK-IN ALTERNATIVE: If you have any ideas for something like a game or a movie night that can be done virtually please tell us so we can try to have some fun.
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Hello all Scouts and parents. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Holidays. But there is some sad news that All must know. For the rest of 2020, due to rising Covid-19 cases, there will be no more Scout meetings until at least January 1st. This means that the Lock-in is postponed until further notice.
11/26: Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you ravenous beasts feast well and spend time with your family and remember what you are thankful for.
IMPORTANT: NEW EAGLE REQUIRED MERIT BADGE: There is officially a brand new merit badge, this one is EAGLE REQUIRED. This is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Merit Badge. More Information will be released soon for all approaching eagle rank.
Due to the Covid cases stopping us from meeting scouts should be taking online scout classes now, there are many activities that you can do online. Here’s a council that is offering Merit Badges from now until June 2021 – click this LINK.
Next year Mr. Ruiz will be having some fun Merit badge classes.(I Hope) Information can be found Here
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This Week

Today: Today we will be having a Court of Honor. Scouts are required to wear full class A as this will be about as formal as we get.
Upcoming: The garage portion of automotive maintenance will be this Saturday, November 14th at 1pm at Mr. Fedina’s garage. Please dress appropriate for the weather, and if you don’t, no complaining.
Upcoming: On November 19th we will be having a scout skills meeting. Please wear class A uniform and bring your scout handbook so you can get rank advancements signed off on.
Upcoming part 3: We will be having another automotive maintenance meeting. The date is still to be determined. If you would like here is the merit badge pamphlet. 
Upcoming Part 4 the thrilling conclusion: On December 19th we will be having out TROOP LOCK IN. We will be discussing safety measures at our meetings. This will be in the building behind the senior center.
Due to the fact that Covid is still a thing, there are many activities that you can do online. Here’s a council that is offering Merit Badges from now until June 2021 – click this LINK.
Announcement BSA Awards Events Merit Badges Monthly Overview Online merit badges Rank Advancement News Virtual Meeting Weekly Meeting Update

This Week

Previously: Sunday we went on a Troop bike ride at the Heritage Trail. We had a lot of fun and put in plenty of miles.
This week: This week we will be having a Court of Honor. Scouts are required to wear full class A as this will be about as formal as we get.
Upcoming: On November 19th we will be having a scout skills meeting. Please wear class A uniform and bring your scout handbook so you can get rank advancements signed off on.
Upcoming the sequel: We will be having another automotive maintenance meeting. The date is still to be determined. If you would like here is the merit badge pamphlet. 
Upcoming Part 3 the thrilling conclusion: On December 19th we will be having out TROOP LOCK IN. We will be discussing safety measures at our meetings. This will be in the building behind the senior center.
Due to the fact that Covid is still a thing, there are many activities that you can do online. Here’s a council that is offering Merit Badges from now until June 2021 – click this LINK.
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This week’s meeting:11/5/2020

Previously: Recently we went bike riding, but it was raining so we didn’t bring bikes, and we started at a bowling alley, and while we were there we went bowling, without bikes, and didn’t ride bikes. We went bowling! Everybody had a lot of fun bowling and not biking in the cold rain. It was nice to see people having lots of safe fun during these times.
This week: We will be going over automotive safety. We will learn where tools and parts are stored in case of emergency. Class B uniforms. We will be outside since the car won’t fit through the door of the Church – check the weather and dress appropriately.  We will tackle more advanced car stuff on the weekend of November 14-15 – check your emails for info when this is finalized. If you are interested in applying what you learn to the Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge see Mr. Fedina for a blue card and to find a counselor.  Remember masks are mandatory.  Bandanas and neckerchiefs are not masks.  Masks are masks.
Troop 169 will be donating a Thanksgiving Basket to the Otisville-Mount Hope Presbyterian Church Food Pantry.  Baskets are distributed via the Food Pantry and Minisink Cares.  Donations will be collected at our next meeting on November 5. Please give as generously as you are able however please do not overextend yourself.  Contact Lisa Walsh if you have any questions.  Any extra donations will be brought to the Church and used in other baskets or donated to their Food Pantry which serves community members year round.  Below is a link to the sign up genius and a list of the items needed.
It will look  different but we WILL be having our annual December lock-in.  It will be December 19-20 at the new Mount Hope Community Center (behind the Senior Center).  More details as we get closer.
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THE FIRST MEETING: I am glad we are going back to meeting on Thursdays. It was so great to see everybody’s (probably) smiling faces. We had fun (I hope) setting up tents and then taking them down. I hope it was good practice for when we go camping soon.
Camping: On September 25-27 we will be camping at Judge Hoskins property on Guymard turnpike. Masks are required and it will be one person per tent. The food will be prepared by the adults to prevent the spread of germs.
This weekend: Mr Fedina would like to do a hike on Sunday in Rock Hill if we can get enough Scouts and Adults to sign up.   Please contact Mr. Fedina by 5pm Saturday if you would like to go.
Next weeks’ meeting: Next week we will be having our SPL and Patrol Leader elections, so if you are running please have a speech ready.  We will be meeting at 7pm at the Church.  Masks and social distancing will be required.  Class A uniforms please.
Previously: Between all the movie nights we were doing we have taken a few hikes, below are some notable photos taken on the Hikes. And yes the first two are related.
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Meeting: none
Hello scouts, all summer camps have been cancelled and there isn’t much you can do currently. That is why you should be on the lookout for online merit badge opportunities. If you click this link you can find many online merit badge opportunities. 
And don’t forget to sign up for online campount(yes really) and merit badges with our own council by clicking Local council opportunities.
Now is also a good time to get out and be active, you can do things like running, cycling, competitive juggling, climbing trees, playing catch with your family, just dance speed run, running in circles for hours, endless possibilities.



Announcement Merit Badges Virtual Meeting Weekly Meeting Update Zoom Meeting


This Week’s Zoom Meeting: This zoom meeting will be the last of the photography, so you MUST have all your requirements finished and turned in to the google classroom.
Be sure to be reaching out to your leaders with completed merit badge requirements (ex: Citizenship in the Community and Collections).
Be on the look out for online merit badges.  A few other Scouts and I have been doing them and they are a great way to earn badges right now.  Make sure to get a blue card signed by Fedina in ScoutBook before starting any online badges.
Summer is a great time to do long merit badges such as Personal Fitness, Family Life, Personal Management and a few others. Don’t forget to get blue card signed by Mr. Fedina in ScoutBook and consult a counselor before starting work on a merit badge. Summer is also a great time to work on merit badges that get you outside such as Hiking and Cycling.  Hopefully we will be able to get in a Troop camping trip before the end of the summer.
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This week: Zoom meeting: This weeks meeting we will continue the Photography merit badge being led by Alex Cutone. the requirements that need to be completed by thursday are, 1A, 2A-G, 8, and start taking pictures for 4, and 5, also start considering stories for 7. With the skills you learn you might be able to take very high quality pictures of everyday things, ex: A sandwich, a cardboard box, or an animal in your yard.
Remember to keep an eye out for online merit badge classes, I have taken a few during this time and earned them, keep progressing in scouting and stay safe.
During this time we know you might not be able to get out much, but try to stay active, ride your bike, go on a run, find a workout routine, play just dance for 7 hours with no break, run around your yard for 36 hours, perhaps not those last 2 but you should still stay active, see if you can find somebody to work on the fitness merit badge with.


Announcement Merit Badges Weekly Meeting Update

This Week’s Meeting: 3/26

This week’s meeting?!?  Yes – This week’s meeting.  We will be working on, via live video conference, the Law Merit Badge.  Check your email for information as to pre-requisites and how to submit them.  Scouts submitting pre-requisites will be emailed an invitation to the video conference.  Login will be at 6:45 p.m. so we have time to work out the kinks (make sure video and audio are working for everyone) before getting rolling at 7:00 p.m.  Consider your blue card “signed” by our fearless leader.  And remember – Keep Calm and Scout On!