Meetings Canceled

Meetings Canceled

Out of an abundance of caution, Troop 169 is suspending meetings indefinitely. Additionally, our March 27-29th Camping trip is canceled. This is being done on the advice of our charter organization representative. It is also in line with State and Local recommendations as well as the preparations various local school districts are taking for long term closures. While adult leadership recognizes that our Scouts will be disappointed by this, we must do our part to “flatten the curve.”

What does “flatten the curve” mean? It means acting responsibly to slow the spread of coronavirus so that the health care system can manage outbreaks. The New York Times describes it well in this article.  We also need to be careful not to spread the virus to more vulnerable populations (i.e., elderly, immunocompromised, sick, etc.) who may not be able to recover if they contract this virus.  Please check with your health care provider or other reputable organizations (World Health OragnizationCenters for Disease Control and PreventionOrange County Health Department) for information as to prevention, symptoms, and treatment.

In the meantime, what’s a Scout to do at home, particularly in the event of school closures?

  • DO practice your knots!  DO NOT practice your knots on your siblings absent parental permission.  Animated Knots

  • Look into an online merit badge.  Ask Mr. Fedina for a blue card!  Online Merit Badge

  • Get your ScoutBook account up to date, review your progress reports, and make an advancement plan.  ScoutBook

  • Start a Merit Badge at home using one of Troop 169’s Merit Badge Counselors.  Speak with  Mr. Fedina to confirm he will issue the blue card when we start meeting again and ask for contact info for the Merit Badge Counselor.  Contact the MBC and ensure he or she will work with you with the blue card to come later.  Start working!  Here’s a list of Troop 169’s in-house merit badge counselors.

Above all, remain calm and Scout on!  Remember, Mr. Fedina will miss his Scouts sorely during this time . . . think of ways to shower him with love when meetings resume!