This Week: 5/18/17

This Week: 5/18/17

Due to the fact that Ray and Josh have arranged for their Eagle projects to begin on Saturday May 20th, we will be putting flags on veteran’s graves at Wallkill Cemetery next Thursday, May 18th, in place of the meeting. We will
meet at the cemetery at 6:30pm and you will be given a short explanation of what you need to do. Those that have already done this will be given bundles of flags and sent on their way to begin placing them.

The cemetery is located at 160 Midway Road in Middletown (near ORMC). Please wear your Class A uniform to honor these veterans.

On Monday, May 29th, is the Memorial Day Parade that we will be marching in and serving hot dogs and water to the public after the event.  We will meet at Thrall Park at 8:45am.  Class A uniform (sash if you have one) and preferably long pants (jeans or green scout pants…or close to if you do not have a pair) are the uniform of the day. There will be a service at Thrall Park and immediately after that the parade will begin. We will march and end at the Wallkill Veterans Park (near Maddy’s Diner on North Street) where a carbon copy of the service will be conducted there.   Afterwards we will be serving the hot dogs and water/soda.

Please make every effort to attend both of these events to show our support for the community.

There is still time to sign up for the Y Mystery Room Event (many thanks to Alan Turken for sponsoring this event!):

You can also sign up for the Court of Honor Pot Luck (sign up for the camping trip is separate and can be done at any meeting at the Church):   (Please note that times on the Sign Up Genius are placeholders; actual time will be announced when it is determined.)